Northup Grunman U.S. Coast Guard Cutterss

Newport News Asbestos Exposure

The Newport News Shipyard constructed 7 U.S. Coast Guard Cutterss and repaired or overhauled many more. If you live in or around Newport News and were involved in the construction, repair or overhaul of these U.S. Coast Guard Cutterss, you may have been exposed to asbestos. If you served in the United States Navy and were stationed aboard one of these U.S. Coast Guard Cutterss, you are also at risk for asbestos exposure. The family members of persons exposed to asbestos are also at risk for contracting mesothelioma cancer. If you were exposed to asbestos aboard a U.S. Coast Guard Cutters at Newport News, contact our mesothelioma attorneys for a free case evaluation.

The following list is just of newly constructed U.S. Coast Guard Cutterss and does not include repairs or overhauls.

Ship Name Launch Date Commision Date Length BeamDisplacement Owner

Acushnet May 16, 1908 Sep 28, 1908 152'0" 29'0" 770 U.S. Navy
Miami Feb 10, 1912 May 9, 1912 190'0" 32'6" 1,046 U.S. Navy
Northland Feb 5, 1927 May 5, 1927 216'7" 39'0" 2,023 U.S. Navy
Ossipee May 1, 1915 Jul 10, 1915 165'6" 32'0" 909 U.S. Navy
Seneca Mar 18, 1908 Sep 19, 1908 204'0" 34'0" 1,575 U.S. Navy
Tallapoosa May 1, 1915 Jul 16, 1915 165'6" 32'0" 912 U.S. Navy
Unalga Feb 10, 1912 Apr 26, 1912 190'0" 32'6" 1,046 U.S. Navy

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The Asbestos Cover-up

Asbestos companies knew about the dangers of asbestos exposure but continued to put Virginia workers and their families at risk for malignant mesothelioma cancer. Protect Your Rights.

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